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Where To Find A Good Affiliate Data Feed

What Is an Affiliate Data Feed?

An affiliate data feed is a product data feed that consists of a list of products and information about those products. Product information should be as complete, accurate and up to date as possible. In addition to being a data base of products and product information, the affiliate data feed has the means to track affiliates. In this way affiliates can get credit for sending users to a specific product page.

Why Is an Affiliate Data Feed Important?

With affiliate data feeds a vendor is able to send a large volume of product records that may include thousands of products and all related data to each product all in a single file. An affiliate may choose to focus on a few products of the vendor or many of the products that are available. From the information provided in the affiliate data feed, affiliates may create their own pages promoting whichever of the vendors products they choose to. This is beneficial to the affiliate as they will not have to individually code the merchants product links, but rather get it directly from the affiliate data feed. The affiliate tracking ensures the proper affiliate is credited whenever a potential buyer lands on a specific product page.

Some Benefits of an Affiliate Data Feed

Aside from affiliate tracking abilities and providing product information to affiliates there are some other benefits to be derived from affiliate product feeds. The website of an affiliate may be ranked higher with the additional content that is provided to them via affiliate data feeds. Conversion rates for the vendor may also increase as the affiliate from their website has been basically pre-selling the potential customer.

What a Good Affiliate Data Feed Provides

Some of the important things contained in an affiliate data feed could include the following:

  • As much relevant and up to date product information as possible.
  • Good product descriptions.
  • Working URL links. Links should be tested. When a customer clicks on a link it should take them where they want to be. A link that is clicked and doesn’t work is most likely a lost sale.
  • Regular updates to product information. If an affiliate displays a product price on their site and when the shopper clicks a link to the vendors site and sees a different price for the same product, the some doubt and confusion will likely occur. Likewise a vendor’s reputation may be damaged with shoppers if incorrect or conflicting information is provided.

There are many affiliate product data feeds available. They must each be looked at to see if they meet your criteria of being a good affiliate data feed. An alternative is to create your own affiliate data feed using software that is readily available, or hiring a service to do so. In this way you can be sure of the affiliate data feed matching your requirements.

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