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The Process Of XML Data Feed Management

What Is XML Data Feed Management?

Data feed management is the process of taking a list of products and creating a digital file that contains these products as well as relevant information pertaining to each product. Product information and product attributes should be as accurate, complete and up to date as possible. XML is the format most often used in creating these data feeds because of its ease of use and a structure that is good for providing details and nested data about each product. XML lends itself well to API which stands for Application Programming Interface and is the means of allowing two software applications to interact and exchange data.

XML Data Feed Management in Marketing

Typically in marketing XML data feeds are the means by which a vendors catalog of products is conveyed to search engines, affiliates and market places or anyplace it might be needed. It is ultimately the means by which a vendor is able to get their product seen online by potential shoppers. Using XML as a format the data feed may be structured to display the products in whatever way the receiver of the XML product feed desires to best suit their purposes.

Steps in XML Data Feed Management

The basic steps in XML product data feed management are as follow:

  • Creation of the data base or file that contains the list of product and associated product information.
  • Optimization of the file which consists of providing as complete product information that is relevant and up to date as possible.
  • Categorizing each product.
  • Submitting the XML data feed to the recipient be it a search engine, a marketplace, a comparison shopping site or an affiliate. This includes making sure that the XML product feed works with whatever platform is being used by the recipient.
  • Once submitted feedback in various areas should be analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the product feed.
  • Based on analysis it may be decided that some changes need to be made to improve results..After changes are made the XML data feed must be submitted again.
  • There should be regular maintenance done on the product data feed. Maintenance as defined for our purposes here in regards to XML data feed management is making sure that any changes in product information, no matter how small, are reflected in the product data feed to keep information as up to date, as complete and as relevant as possible. Any changes that are made to the XML product data feed will require that the product feed be again submitted to the end recipient.

Those are the steps that basically make up the process of XML product data management.

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