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How We Work

What Is Product Data Management?

Essentially its the steps taken to create and manage product data feed services. Product feeds are digital files that are basically a list of products. The file also contains information about the product such as price, product identifier, product image as well as product attributes. The purpose of the file is to enable marketers of products online to have the means to let shoppers locate and compare products through the use of search engines. You can use opencart platform to create your own opencart product feeds that will contain all products in your online store, for example. The entire process from creating the file and through the use of the file online as a data feed is product data management.

Files for Data Product Management

The first step in the process is creating the actual file. A list of products and all relevant information to each product will be submitted by the customer. This information will be used in creating the file, and will have to be properly formatted to be able to be used.

Using the Product Feed

Once a file has been formatted there are other steps that are important. Optimization is next. Data management product related information is important here. This is the data that will be used to optimize the product feed so that search engines rank a product higher when shoppers are doing a search. Data management includes knowing what words and phrases are being used when shoppers search for a particular product so that the product feed gets the best results. Categorizing each product to a search engines taxonomy also assists with ensuring a product is more likely to get seen by customers. Every search engine has its on taxonomy and data product management includes knowing what that is.

Submitting Product Data Feeds

After being optimized and categorized the file is now ready to be submitted to various search engines. Knowing the requirements for the various search engines is necessary for product data management. Once a product feed is submitted and in use it becomes possible to start tracking the results of the product feed and see how effective it is. Results would then be analyzed and perhaps some changes made to further optimize the product data feed. This may need to be done several times to get the best results. Each time a change is made the product feed must be resubmitted to each search engine. Product feeds must also be regularly updated to reflect any product changes such as a change in price.

The following is a brief summary of the process of product data management:

  • Creating the product feed
  • Optimizing the product feed for best results
  • Categorizing each product to individual search engines taxonomy
  • Product feed submission to search engines
  • Analyze results/further optimize
  • Update feed to stay relevant.

Our company handles every stage of product data management. With our trained, experienced staff we guarantee quality results always delivered on time, and at affordable prices.