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Product Listing Ads Optimisation Services

Google has added a new dimension to advertising campaigns that work well with earlier search and display strategies: Product Listing Ads (PLAs). These are ideal forms of advertising on e-commerce websites. Image advertisements of real products being shown to the public are made available as opposed to banner ads. This certainly helps with visibility but there is more than just sending image files. A company should only concentrate effort on those items that really should be promoted. These should be part of a PLA data feed, and product feed optimization ought to be employed.

Optimize Product Listing Ads with the Very Best

The product listing has to be thought out before it is submitted. Those keywords that have worked well in the past ought to be considered, and auto targets should be given serious thought. Indeed, products that have done extremely well in the past can spearhead any listing activity. Integration of keywords is important and ought to match as close as possible search terms used by folks doing Google searches. The process of listing ads gets increasingly more sophisticated with use of Google analytics and means to prevent irrelevant searches. Both intended visibility and the company’s advertising budget are major considerations.

We Can Help

We have done product feed submissions for quite some time, and we are familiar with PLAs. Our staff has the skill set necessary to make sure that product listing ads produce the kind of results that a company is looking for in e-commerce strategies. These professionals have worked with developing the right keywords to boost the position of products in a search, and same can be done for Product Listing Ads. We move in a determined fashion in order to produce the best results. There are set strategies for the data feeds, and the product listings are done in the most efficient and effective way possible. These also are done with a high level of security. A company can feel safe in allowing us to submit their privileged information.

Data feed optimization becomes easy with us! Check it out!

Product Listing Ads Should Not Be Ignored

PLAs should not be thought of as images placed and then forgotten about as other matters are deliberated on. We can help client develop a strategy whereby this advertising tool is used for maximum results. We can also help determine which ads provide the best conversion rate, and which ones no longer have any true effect. E-commerce is growing ever more sophisticated in the areas of marketing and advertising.

As a third party we can take a load off of the marketing department shoulders, and provide the kind of product listing ads optimization services needed for the best results.