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Product Feed Submission Services

Merchants know how important it is to have a product feed submission sent to any comparison search engine. They are aware that these will require certain file formats, and that information has to be moved from Excel spreadsheet perhaps to a .csv format for the purpose of data feed. That is all that many of them know about a very important part of e-commerce. The lack of knowledge can have a less than positive effect on sales.

Product Feed Submission Has Unique Qualities

There is more to this than simply handing over the data. Some may think they only have to submit product feed once a month, but the comparison engines look for how recent the data is. It means that submissions can’t just be when prices change or there is a new product. Indeed, to optimize the visibility benefits of the process a company should submit product feed information as frequently as possible. Daily submissions are not out of the question.

Feed Optimization Is Critical

Shopping feed optimization is necessary and mistakes can easily happen, particularly if a company has numerous products to be submitted. There are numerous formatting that have to be followed for proper listing. Good product feed submission services will see to it that the formatting is done properly. Moreover, services ought to include the proper keywords to attract notice from any search. All of this should tell a merchant that product feed is a task that is best given to a professional third-party. Those folks have a better understanding of how to go about the process properly.

We Offer Superior Product Feed Submission Assistance

We have been providing product feed services for numerous clients, and our staff is experienced in the process of optimization. Moreover, these experts are aware of the proper keywords that can bring visibility to a given product from a search. It is our desire to see to it that a client’s product is at the top of any search list, and that is what we work towards. We are able to do the submissions on a routine basis, so that a client is not penalized for lack of freshness in the data. We are familiar with the feed requirements of Google Merchant, Amazon, and Etsy marketplaces. We also can provide assistance with Bing submissions.

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Visibility in front of consumers and potential buyers is critical to any marketing campaign. We follow a process that assures that visibility is optimized, and the client information is properly prepared and submitted. We have the ability to do this on a routine basis, unlike other third parties who may only provide a product feed a few times a month. E-commerce is an amazing opportunity for sizable sales. We can see to it that generous sales figures are the result of any product feed submission to the comparison search engine.

Our high qualified team will do the best for your satisfaction of our services!