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Product Descriptions Template

Product Review: Vibrant and Cute Small Turtle for Key Ring. Who doesn’t need and keychain? It is an essential product. Of course, most of us tend to use the same old key chains over a long period of time, so here’s something fresh for a change! This small turtle key ring in bright green color is pretty attractive and you would obviously want one!

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At first glance, this Thailand made turtle key chain amazes you with its resemblance to the real baby turtles. Of course, credits go to the craftsmen who stitched the tiny turtle so beautifully. Be it the shell, the little hands and feet, the head or the big black eyes, everything has been kept in mind and perfectly placed to create a cute little turtle. Going ahead and touching the turtle makes you realize the softness of the product. The fabric used is of fine quality and there is no question about that. The smooth texture make you want to keep holding the turtle. The key ring has been made of good metal as well. It is attached so brilliantly that there are no sharp edges or roughness that can possible cause any discomfort while using the small turtle for key ring. Look wise excellent and can be bought for personal use or as gifting item. In case you have fetish key chains of all shapes, color and sizes then this sea turtle can be a great one for your collection.


  • Bright green colored turtle with the shell having patches of green over white color.
  • Top quality soft material goes into making the turtle.
  • The keychain is made up of sturdy metal.
  • Small sized for convenience of usage.
  • Made in Thailand.

Multipurpose Usage

The small turtle key ring can be used in different ways. Besides its chief usage as a key holder it can be added to purses for an appealing look. The vibrant green tiny turtle when hung in backpacks can seem really pretty. It can also be used as a child’s toy when travelling by car or flight or when there are no toys at hand to sooth the restless baby. This can also be a unique decorating item in prams or cribs. Moreover, the turtle key ring can make an apt product to adorn a turtle themed room.


  • With the turtle key ring being so cute and made out of a wonderful soft material, the common habit of fondling with key chains has been taken care of. Play as much as you wish, it won’t rip apart unless too roughly handled.
  • It is a small key ring and therefore takes very little space when stored or tucked in the pocket. This soft turtle can be squeezed to fit almost anywhere.
  • Being small in size, with no heavy ornamentations also makes it very light-weight to carry around with ease.
  • It doesn’t have any stones, buttons or beading attached to it that may fall off when kept with other stuffs in the bag or in drawer. Hence, very convenient for daily use.
  • Simple, sweet, and affordable gifting item that can be presented to teens as well as adults.


  • Being small in size, there are chances of losing the keychain or misplacing it somewhere and having difficulty to find.
  • The turtle is not water-proof. If by any chance the turtle gets wet you need to dry it or else it can be quite uncomfortable to carry in the pocket.
  • If you store the turtle key ring along with any sharp objects like nail-cutters, there are chances of the turtle’s smooth fabric getting damaged.

Top 4 reasons to buy the small turtle for key ring

  • Best quality: This small turtle keychain is of excellent quality as the turtle’s superior quality fabric is sewn 3 times ensuring that it’s suitable for everyday usage.
  • Ideal size: The small size of the turtle makes it perfect to be carried along. Just attach your room keys, car keys, etc. and slip it in your pocket or bag as it can fit in the smallest space.
  • Risk-free: The small turtle key ring is completely safe to use. It doesn’t have any sharp edges that may hurt or poke you when kept in the pocket.
  • Superb Gifting Item: It can be a useful gift to a friend or family for New Years, Get-togethers, Farewells, etc. If your friend or family member stays far away you can order it online and send your best wishes across.

Overall, the small turtle key ring is a good buy, considering the quality, rich color, soft yet durable fabric, strong metal ring and fair pricing. Get it for your own use, gift it to a buddy on friendship day or just try some innovative decorating ideas with it, the choice is yours.

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