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Product Descriptions Template

WOOD TURTLE, HEAD CAN MOVE. Wood turtle with a swiveling head is the gem of artistic workmanship, the exquisiteness of whose sculpting would make you fall in love with it at the first glance. The turtle carved out of wood is the perfect souvenir and would help in reminiscing the cherished moments of the past. The turtle’s appeal is irresistible, believe me! I own a wood turtle and have it on display in my drawing room. No guest who has set foot in my house since its purchase has failed to appreciate the craftsmanship of skilled artisans who have prepared it.

If you need description which can grab visitors’ attention, we are here to help you. Please, check sample below done by our experts.

Unique appeal of the turtle

The wood turtle has a character of its own. The unpretentious handcrafted wooden being ushers in positive vibes with its presence. As one catches sight of it, a wave of positive inspirations sweeps through his/her entire being.

Unparalleled durability

The wood turtle has been crafted out of natural wood and has resin reinforcements. This augments the life of the turtle and also prevents it from falling prey to the adverse effects of the elements. The resin coating in subtle form, without compromising the wooden textural feel of the turtle, serves as a veritable shield to fight off the deteriorating effect induced by the termites. Further, if any corrosive chemical is accidently dropped on the surface, no harm to the crafted piece would occur.

Dimensionally sound

The turtle comes in a size that can be accommodated with ease at any place across your home/ office. It is neither too small to miss attention nor too cumbersome to be an eyesore. The elegance and exquisiteness of the turtle can be attributed largely to its petite and beautiful shape.

Splendors of Thai craftsmanship

Thai cuisine has been pampering your taste buds for long. Now, it’s time to gratify your vision with this eclectic offering from Thailand. Thai craftsmen have harnessed their conventional wisdoms to chisel out these pieces, one of which is certainly going to land in your home after reading this review. The authenticity and brilliance of Thai craftsmen get reflected from the turtle when you contemplate it minutely.

Robust construction

Most of us are under the apprehension that items with movable parts don’t last longer. This may be true in certain cases, but not so here. I am sharing my personal experience with this marvelous creation and despite having turned and twisted its movable head in all possible angles, the turtle is still unscathed. The unique construction of the turtle ensures that the pivot that facilitates movement of the head can endure almost all pressures on it, Fidget with confidence.

Perfect gifting material

If you are running short of choices regarding what to gift your bosom friend or someone who matters most to you, you need not look any further. The wooden turtle is the perfect souvenir that would cause a pleasing smile to break on anyone’s face. Gift with confidence and make the recipient spring up with glee.

Other features that stand out

From a connoisseur’s perspective, the wooden turtle with a moving head is really a collector’s item which you cannot let go off at any cost.

To summarize, the turtle prides itself of an array of standing out features, prominent among them being:

  • Designed in perfect symmetry with each aspect of the design meticulously attended to

  • Stark resemblance to original turtle in terms of dimension, mobility and fluidity of design

  • Turtle assumes a vibrant form in kaleidoscopic play of lights

  • Fragrance of natural wood palpable

  • Tested under harsh conditions to ensure that the product lasts long

  • Competitively priced, reasonably inexpensive compared to other gross variants available in the market

  • Can be ordered with ease online; no hassle payment with online remission option

  • Turtle would be shipped to any destination you may specify

  • Shipment tastefully packaged with material that would absorb any shock during transit and keep the turtle safe till you fondle it joyfully

  • Short delivery time of 10-15 days even though the item is being shipped directly from Thailand

  • Comes packaged in delicately carved wooden box that can be used as coin box or any other purpose

  • No restriction on the number of turtles that can be ordered online

The wooden turtle has a distinctive architecture that would illuminate the space it adorns with its streamlined shape. The turtle, in its miniature avatar, is a timeless gift from the pristine Thailand that has led the world in terms of art and architecture. The turtle is the product of hours of microscopic efforts of Thai craftsmen who are literally endowed with that unmistakable sense of beauty and elegance. I assure you that your money would not go down the drain and you would effusively recommend this souvenir to all and sundry once you are in possession of it. Go ahead and get one wood turtle with a movable head. You won’t regret for sure.

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