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Our Product Data Management Services

If you are looking for expert services to take care of all your product data management needs, then you have come to the right place. Product Feed Management provides the following services to ensure effective data feed management and optimization.

  • Product feed Management

Each shopping comparison site, be it Google, Bing, Yahoo or Amazon, they all require the data feeds to be submitted in a different format. Sometimes a comma separated, csv, tab or xml file. Through our product data feed management service, we ensure that your feeds are of the required formats. We help you modify, add or remove any product to make sure that you are getting the best possible returns on investments. Thus, ensuring that all your pdm (product data management) needs are taken care of.

  • Product Feed Creation

Our team creates separate shopping product feeds for each shopping engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon etc. thus ensuring that you get great visibility on these sites. We don’t make use of any automated system, rather we make sure that each feed is custom created. This makes tracking and managing the performance of your feeds very easy.

  • Product Feed Optimization

Product feed optimization services includes changing existing data or adding new data to the product feeds in order to improve the visibility of your site and attract more clicks. For each product, there are numerous descriptive fields. Some are mandatory to be filled according to the shopping engine and some are recommended. The mandatory fields are typically product title, product image, price etc. while anything else that adds to the description of the product is recommended. For e.g. color, weight, etc.

Adding more descriptions increases the visibility of your product and some engines require different fields to be filled. For e.g. GTIN on Amazon, Brand, MPN, EAN on Google shopping are mandatory. Understanding the specifications of each shopping engine and modifying product feeds accordingly is product feed optimization.

  • Feed Categorization

Every shopping engine has developed different categories to manage the numerous products stored in its databases. Therefore categorization is very important for your products to perform well over shopping engines. If your products are not classified into proper categories, the chances for it be visible optimally are low. We make sure that all you products are perfectly categorized and visible in the engines.

  • Product Feed Submission

Even if your product feed is created and optimized, if it is submitted once and left alone, your chances of visibility are low. You need to monitor your product feeds daily to see where you stand live on the comparison shopping engines. We routinely keep a check on your product feeds and ensure that their visibility is high.

We update and submit your product feeds daily to the shopping engines!