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  • Content marketers
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Our Services

Data Feed Services Our Company Provides

We are professionals in providing complete data feed service at every stage of the process. From creating the product feed to optimizing and analyzing as well as maintaining the feed, we are able to supply all your needs.

Creation of a Product Feed

The process starts with the creation of a product feed. A digital file is created using information provided by our customer. This would be a list of all products to be included in the feed and information about those products. Information such as product identifier, price, images of the product, product description as well as the URL of the product are included. With this information we create and format a digital file that will be used as the product feed, for example, rss product feed. Besides, for traders and investors it is possible to use stock market date feed to obtain market data on stocks.

Optimization of a Product Data Feed

Data feed service includes optimization of the feed. Optimization is making sure all product information is as relevant and up to date as possible and in a form that best suits the recipient. Shoppers for products doing on line searches are looking for specific relevant information to the product and search engines are designed to look for that type of information.

Product Categorization

Products should be categorized based on each search engines taxonomy. Taxonomy is the system each search engine uses to determine what area a product should be in. Some products may be in more than one category depending on the product and the search engine. Proper categorization of each product is essential in having that product show up in search engine results.

Search Engine Submission

With product feed created, optimized and categorized the next step in data feed services is to submit the feed to various search engines. Every search engine has its own requirement and knowing these requirements is part of providing data feed services.

Analyzing Results

Results need to be looked at and analyzed to determined what is working well in the product data feed and what can be improved on.

Adjusting for Improvements

After analyzing the results it is possible some adjustments and further optimization may be needed to improve the product feed. Every time a change is made to a product data feed the feed must be resubmitted to each search engine.

Maintenance of Product Data Feed

Product data feeds must be regularly updated to keep their relevance and reflect any changes in product information.

Summary of our product data feed services:

  • Product data entry
  • Optimization of the feed
  • Product categorization
  • Search engine submission
  • Analyze results
  • Make necessary adjustments and resubmit to search engines
  • Regular maintenance to keep the data feed up to date.

We offer 24/7 customer support, and guarantee the quality of our work and that it will be completed in the time frame agreed on.

Our staff is well trained and experienced and our dedication makes us well qualified to be your data feed services provider!