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How To Deal With Stock Market Data Feed

What Is a Stock Market Data Feed?

In the field of finance market data is price and trade related data for various financial instruments, It is reported by a venue where that particular financial instrument is traded such as a stock market. Market data allows traders and investors to see price changes and trends in different areas. Equities and currencies are just two of the other financial instruments that require market data. Just as a stock market data feed is used to obtain market data on stocks, a forex data feed provides market data on foreign currency exchange.

Determine What Your Needs Are

Before getting a market data feed you must determine what your needs are. In the case of installing a stock market data feed on a website, which I will use for example purposes, a decision must be made as to the type of market data feed. Stock market data has already been chosen but that still leaves choices to be made. It might be to receive data from a stock index like the Dow Jones or it is possible to have a custom calculated index based on thing like industry type. It will depend on the type of website you have and viewers attracted.

Technical Issues

The best way to control the type of stock market data feed you place on a website is to subscribe to a market data feed and database it yourself. However financial data is highly regulated and may require fees to the stock index selected as well as their permission to display that information. XML stock market feeds may be obtained from various legitimate sources, generally for a fee. Others offer such market feeds for free but care must be taken as not all such providers have the legal right to offer this. As an alternative there are widgets that may be used. Widgets are often offered for free and use API to interact with an XML feed. Other widget providers offer them at a fee and some may do custom widgets designed to your specifications.


Sometimes a provider of a widget that supplies a stock market data feed will offer a fully ad supported widget free of charge. If it doesn’t conflict with other advertisers on your website and if you aren’t keeping the site free of all forms of advertising, then an additional revenue stream maybe generated by participating in an ad-revenue split. This would depend on both the widget provider and the goals you have for your own website.

Whether the purpose is to increase traffic to your website, to create a new revenue stream or a combination of both adding a stock market data feed to your website can help.

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