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Why Us

Creating and Managing Product Feeds

Having a product data feed is essential to anybody marketing products online. Product data feeds are what enable shoppers to search for and find the products they are looking for and compare them to similar products. Many marketers don’t have the time to do this as they are involved with other aspects of their business, or they may lack the necessary knowledge to do it themselves. In such cases they may make use of a professional product feed services company.

What a Product Feed Service Company Provides

Companies such as ours that provide product feed services handle every step of the process. The following are the basic steps:

  • Creation of the product data feed from information submitted by the customer.
  • Optimizing the product feeds to make sure of the best search engine results.
  • Categorize each product to suit search engine taxonomy.
  • Submit product feeds to different search engines.
  • Analyze the results and further optimize by making necessary changes.

Regular updates are also required in keeping product data feeds relevant so that such things as changes in pricing and availability of product stocks are up to date.

Benefits of a Professional Product Feed Data Service

Every step of the product feeds process is important and each has requirements and specializations that make using a professional the best decision. A product feed is basically a file that contains a list of products and information about those products. However it must be properly formatted to be used. Optimization is critical for being ranked by search engines and higher ranking results in increased sales. This requires making sure all product data is relevant and up to date and displayed in the best manner for those receiving the data feed. To categorize a product each search engine’s taxonomy (the way they classify products) must be known as they differ from search engine to search engine. Requirements to submit product feeds to each search engine must be known and met. Performance has to be analyzed, necessary changes to the product feeds made and resubmitted to further optimize and improve results. Having a professional perform each of these steps will improve results and translate into better sales. They are familiar and expert with every step of the process and up to date with the ever changing requirements of the various search engines as well as the taxonomy of the different search engines and the means of obtaining the best search engine results.

The Professional Product Feed Services Company to Hire

Our company provides high quality product feed services in every step of the process. Our staff are all highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field. We have customer service available 24/7 to address any concerns. All the work we perform is guaranteed for quality and on time delivery and at affordable rates making us ideal for your product data feed needs.