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What Are Opencart Product Feeds?

Opencart is a free open source e-commerce platform for people marketing products online. Product feeds are an online marketers list of products contained in a digital file. The file also contains product information such as price, availability and product images and attributes. Using Opencarts platform and available extensions, an on line merchant can make their own product feed that will contain all of the products in their on line store and get them seen by different search engines, listed on comparison websites, and supply information to affiliates.

What Are Market Data Feeds?

Market data feeds are feeds providing price and trade related data on a financial instrument that is traded on a venue such as a stock market. It contains such information as buying and selling price, the volume of shares sold, identifier of the instrument and any other relevant information pertaining to that financial instrument. Market data feeds supply information not only for stocks, but also for currency trading, equities trading and the like. Being able to react quickly to changes in markets is critical, so easy access to market data feeds is beneficial to those in the field. Many companies supply such feeds now and with today’s technology can be accessed even from a cellphone.

What Are XML Data Feeds?

When referring to XML data feeds in online marketing, these are product feeds that are created in XML, Although there are some other formats being used XML is the most common. These XML data feeds can be used to export catalogs of product to a market place such as Amazon, to comparison shopping engines and to affiliates among other things.

What Are Affiliate Product Feeds?

An affiliate product feed is a product data feed that as well as providing a list of products and information on each product, also provides a means for tracking affiliates. This is useful as it is a means for the affiliate to get credit for sending shoppers to a specific product page. Large vendors may have thousands of products and work with many affiliates, but an affiliate may choose to only promote a few products from that vendor. Rather than the vendor creating a feed for each affiliate for specific products, they can create 1 affiliate product feed that all affiliates use, and the affiliate then uses the specific affiliate tracking code assigned them and chooses only those products from the feed they are promoting.

What Is a Coupon Data Feed?

A coupon data feed sends thousands of digital coupons offering discounts and other promotions from hundreds or even thousands of vendors to websites in an XML data feed. Integrating the coupon data feed into a website enables coupon offers to be updated automatically with the affiliate ID embedded in affiliate links. Most affiliate networks offer coupon data feeds for free to their affiliates. There are dedicated coupon data feed providers that sites may subscribe to for a fee.

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