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About Us

What Is Product Feed?

A product feed or product data feed is a digital file that contains a list of products, The file will also contain information on those products such as a product description, a product identifier, product attributes and a product image and any other relevant information. This enables each product to be displayed and advertised online and compared to other products. Product feed allows shoppers to search for products they want to purchase online and to compare the products with others that are similar. It benefits the seller of the product by making their product easier to find and helping to drive traffic to the sellers site.

Who Needs Product Data Feed

Basically anybody involved in selling a product online needs product feed. It may be used in affiliate marketing, or price comparison websites. It might also be used in creating automatic sponsored link campaigns or dynamic retargeting banners.

What Is Involved with Making a Product Feed?

Producing a product data feed isn’t as simple as just listing your products and their descriptions. That is only the first step in the process. The information must all be properly formatted. The product must also be properly categorized so that when a search is done online for a product, your product is included in the correct category. Product feed must be optimized so that the product information and its attributes are relevant, accurate and up to date so it will get your product ranked higher when a search is performed, whether the search is for a product itself or a particular attribute of that product.

Once a Product Feed Is Created What else Is Involved?

After a product data feed is created it must then be submitted to various search engines each which may have different requirements. After submission, results need to be analyzed and changes perhaps made to better optimize your product feed so that it gives you the best results. It should also be regularly updated to reflect any changes in product information in order to stay relevant. Such changes might include but are not limited to price changes and availability of stock. It’s a continuous process maintaining a product data feed.

How Can I Get a Product Feed when I Don’t Know anything about It?

A vast number of online retailers and marketers hire services to provide their product data feed needs. Ours is one such company that can provide product feeds to customers from start to finish, and maintain those feeds as well. We are qualified professionals in every facet of product feed management. From creating the product feed to optimizing the feed, search engine submission, analyzing results and making necessary updates our product feed services can fully provide your needs at an affordable price and with our guarantee of full customer satisfaction.

We can help you in the best way!